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Surat Utang dan Obligasi

Credit Profile

RatingOutlookLocal Currency (IDR)OutlookForeign CurrencyOutlookCorporate Family Rating (CFR)Outlook
Corporate RatingAStableA-NegativeBB-NegativeBa3Negative

Rating History

PEFINDOFITCH (International)FITCH (National)Moody's
A Stable Oct-20 BB- Negative Sep-20 A Negative Sep-20 Ba3 Negative Jun 20
A+ Stable Sep-15 BB Negative Jun-20 AA- Negative Jun-20 Ba2 Stable Jan 17
A+ Stable Sep-14 BB Stable Dec-19 AA- Stable Dec-19      
A+ Stable May-14 BB Negative Dec-18 AA- Negative Dec-18      
BBB StableOct-03         

WIKA Bond & Debt Issued

Securities Issued and Outstanding

ISIN code Securities Rating Type Placement Coupon (p/a) Nominal (in billion IDR) Currency Issue Date Maturity Tenor (Month)
IDA0001127A2 Pefindo: idA (single A) Public 8.6% 331 IDR Dec-20 Dec-23 36
IDA0001127B0 Pefindo: idA (single A) Public 9.25% 429 IDR Dec-20 Dec-25 60
IDA0001127C8 Pefindo: idA (single A) Public 9.85% 740 IDR Dec-20 Dec-27 84
IDJ0000177A9 idA(sy) (Single A Syariah) Public - 184 IDR Dec-20 Dec-23 36
IDJ0000177B7 idA(sy) (Single A Syariah) Public - 159 IDR Dec-20 Dec-25 60
IDJ0000177C5 idA(sy) (Single A Syariah) Public - 157 IDR Dec-20 Dec-27 84

Securities Issued and Redeemed

ISIN codeSecurities Last RatingType placementCoupon (p/a)Nominal (in billion IDR)CurrencyIssue DateMaturityTenor (Month)
WIKA01XXMFPefindo: A+Private9.8%600IDRNov-14Nov-1736
WIKA02XXMFPefindo: A+Private9.8%400IDRDec-14Dec-1736
144A notes: XS1745480647
RegS : XS1746134516
Fitch: BB-
Moody's: Ba3


PT WIKA Industri Energi
PT Jasamarga Kunciran Cengkareng
PT Jasamarga Bali Tol
PT WIKA Jabar Power
PT Prima Terminal Petikemas
PT Citra Marga Lintas Jabar
PT Pilar Sinergi BUMN Indonesia
PT Air Minum Indonesia
PT. Trans Pacific Petrochemical Indonesia TPPI
PT Jasamarga Balikpapan Samarinda
PT Jasamarga Manado Bitung