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Surat Utang dan Obligasi

Credit Profile

RatingOutlookLocal Currency (IDR)OutlookForeign CurrencyOutlookCorporate Family Rating (CFR)Outlook
Corporate RatingAStableA-NegativeBB-NegativeBa3Negative

Rating History

PEFINDOFITCH (International)FITCH (National)Moody's
A Stable Oct-20 BB- Negative Sep-20 A Negative Sep-20 Ba3 Negative Jun 20
A+ Stable Sep-15 BB Negative Jun-20 AA- Negative Jun-20 Ba2 Stable Jan 17
A+ Stable Sep-14 BB Stable Dec-19 AA- Stable Dec-19      
A+ Stable May-14 BB Negative Dec-18 AA- Negative Dec-18      
BBB StableOct-03         

WIKA Bond & Debt Issued

Securities Issued and Outstanding

ISIN code Securities Rating Type Placement Coupon/Ratio (p/a) Nominal
(in billion IDR)
Currency Issue Date Maturity Tenor (Month)
IDA0001127A2 Pefindo: idA (single A) Public 8.6% 331 IDR Dec-20 Dec-23 36
IDA0001127B0 Pefindo: idA (single A) Public 9.25% 429,0 IDR Dec-20 Dec-25 60
IDA0001127C8 Pefindo: idA (single A) Public 9.85% 740,0 IDR Dec-20 Dec-27 84
IDJ0000177A9 Pefindo: idA(sy) (Single A Syariah) Public 8.6% 184,0 IDR Dec-20 Dec-23 36
IDJ0000177B7 Pefindo: idA(sy) (Single A Syariah) Public 9.25% 159,0 IDR Dec-20 Dec-25 60
IDJ0000177C5 Pefindo: idA(sy) (Single A Syariah) Public 9.85% 157,0 IDR Dec-20 Dec-27 84
IDA0001137A1 Pefindo: idA (single A) Public 8.5% 495 IDR Mar-21 Mar-24 36
IDA0001137B9 Pefindo: idA (single A) Public 9.1% 745,5 IDR Mar-21 Mar-26 60
IDA0001137C7 Pefindo: idA (single A) Public 9.75% 1.259,5 IDR Mar-21 Mar-28 84
IDJ0000180A3 Pefindo: idA(sy) (Single A Syariah) Public 8.5% 134,3 IDR Mar-21 Mar-24 36
IDJ0000180B1 Pefindo: idA(sy) (Single A Syariah) Public 9.1% 211,6 IDR Mar-21 Mar-26 60
IDJ0000180C9 Pefindo: idA(sy) (Single A Syariah) Public 9.75% 154,1 IDR Mar-21 Mar-28 84

Securities Issued and Redeemed

WIKA01XXMF Pefindo: A+ Private 9.8% 600 IDR Nov-14 Nov-17 36
WIKA02XXMF Pefindo: A+ Private 9.8% 400 IDR Dec-14 Dec-17 36
144A notes: XS1745480647
RegS : XS1746134516
Fitch: BB-
Moody's: Ba3
Public 7.7% 5,400 IDR Jan-18 Jan-21 36